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Grade 6: Working together

Hi everyone! The Grade 6 students have a cold, but exciting couple of weeks behind them.

Firstly, they have started inquiring into the fourth Line of Inquiry of the school year, following the topic of Fashion. In Mr. Igor’s absence during the last two weeks, the students inquired into topics ranging from costume design and defining characteristics of different cultures to discussing why it might be important to preserve one’s culture.

まず、今年度4回目のLine of Inquiryとなる「ファッション」の探究を開始しました!!

The students have spent most of last week and the start of this one joined in one class with Grade 5 and the Middle school students. The purpose of these weekly workshops was to improve collaboration between grade levels and develop the students’ social and communication skills through solving problems with their upper and lower classmates. Students discussed topic related to co-operation, developing themselves as people and setting their own goals. While the students will be doing their lessons and Performance Day preparation separately in the coming weeks, they will be joining morning and mid-day assemblies together. Let’s all help and support their hard work!

生徒たちは先週から今週の初めにかけて、Grade5, 6 and Middle schoolの生徒たちと一緒に一つのクラスで過ごしてきました。このワークショップの目的は、学年間の協力体制を強化し、上下の学年のクラスメイトと問題を解決することを通して、生徒の社会性やコミュニケーション能力を上げていけるといいなと思います。
生徒たちは、協力、人間としての成長、自分自身の目標設定に関連するトピックについて話し合いました。これから数週間、生徒たちはUOI授業とPerformance Dayの準備を別々に行いますが、朝のルーティンやランチタイムなど一緒に活動する場面も多いです。

Only several more weeks are left for the students to prepare their theatre play for the Performance Day. The students will need to be working hard on practicing their lines, collecting items for their set design and costumes and performing their song with a big voice.

Hope you have a great weekend!