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Grades 3 and 4: Bees and Rain

Hello, parents and supporters. This week’s weather has really played games with us, quickly changing from hot to rainy and back!

The students are continuing their inquiry into the living things that surround us all and have spent a day learning all about the exciting world of bees and beekeeping. Bees are truly some of people’s best insect friends. They give us delicious and healthy honey, and beeswax, which, we have learned, is used in creams and, believe it or not, our toilets! The students proceeded to paint beautiful artworks of bees, putting emphasis on how they help people and interact with other living things, with which they will participate in a nation-wide contest. Good luck, everyone!🌼

During July, the campus will also be visited by ISN preschool students from Minami and Shimauchi campuses. They are currently learning about animals and insects as well, and Grades 3 and 4 have been tasked with preparing a short presentation on the things they learned about. They separated into groups, started collecting sources of information and planning their posters and slideshows. Let’s practice a lot and be good teachers to younger students.💪🏽

Friday was the day for our planned bus trip. Unfortunately, it started to rain early in the morning, so our trip was postponed until next week. The students were still excited to organize a makeshift picnic at the school and eat their bento lunches. It also gave us some time to finish various activities we started this week. Let’s enjoy next week’s trip! Have a great weekend! 🦝