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Grade 1 – Where do you live?

Hello, ISN family! For this week’s activity, we started asking our classmates where they live. Since we are talking about community for Unit 3, it was best to find out where they live and what kind of community it is like.

Again, we had so many classmates who shared for this week. Some brought toys, cards, stickers, gems, new pencils, magazines, and even memorable photos. It’s always interesting to listen to the stories behind these items.

On this day, we welcomed visitors. Our task was to draw a picture of a community. We shared our ideas and divided the tasks on who will draw or color the different things we see in our community. After that, we talked within our group and prepared for the presentation. We needed to explain what is written on our poster and why we think it is part of the community.

In this picture, we were trying to figure out which is the biggest and the smallest place using the concentric circles. We actually didn’t understand what the words mean like continent, country, prefecture, and street. We do know the words city, home, and planet. Using pictures and more examples, we were able to understand what all the words mean at the end.

Here we are deciding which picture represents each word. Others made two mistakes, and some got it all perfect!

After understanding the concept of the different places, we then created our own cencentric circles and drew the places on each.

By the way, we had our earthquake and fire drill last week. We all did well in Grade 1 because we were so quick when we heard someone say earthquake and fire. Everyone was safe and no one got hurt or got any injury.

Finally, we had our growth measurement. We found out the from April to September most of us grew 2cm.-3cm. from our current height. We also gained a little bit of weight. In the nurse room, they also checked if we have our handkerchief/towel and tissue. There were just one or two who forgot to bring. Our nails were also checked. Some were short and clean, others were long and dirty. We were reminded to always keep it clean and short so we won’t scratch our self or anybody around us.

Thank you very much for reading our blog. Until next time, ISN fam!