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New beginnings, Grade 1!

Hello everyone, and welcome to the first blog entry of this grade 1 class. This is where I will write some of the stories and things that we go through in grade 1. For the month of April, I will be writing about some of the things that we got down to, such as the student’s welcome ceremony, bus and traffic lesson, and some of the things that we’ve done in the few weeks spent together.

The grade 1 adventures began on the 5th of April, with the students looking so dashing and ready for their big day. ISN Elementary prepared such a beautiful and warm welcome for the students and parents, and the students responded really well, even with some nerves in their veins.

The first week, we started with a lot of things that the students had to learn and get accustomed to, including new timetables, time schedules, new school building, new classroom routines, etc, and a special thanks to Ms. Phoebe for always supporting and being there. Ms. Phoebe has made the transition for the students into elementary school amazingly well.

The month of April saw us get started with Unit 1 which is all about relationships. This unit will focus on the people that the students know in their lives and how they connect to those people in their lives, such as their families, friends, school and classmates, etc. A strong part in this unit that has helped, was having the Spring Festival.

The Spring Festival was so helpful as we got the parents involved in the activities that we did in class related to our unit. We did a few activities that connected the students to their families, and to make friends with the other students/parents. Having the parents at the Spring Festival was really good and I also got the chance to have conversations with the parents during lunch as we had a very beautiful day outside. We had a nice picnic, with good food which helped everyone to relax. We played some interesting games as well.

April also saw us get a visit and a lesson from the city bus, Sneakertown. We had a nice visit and lesson on some of the things that grade 1 students should need to know when using the city bus, such as how to get a ticket, how to sit on the bus and the students even had the chance to be in the front sit, controlling the steering wheel.

The first of many blog entries that we will go through together, I hope you enjoy our first blog and pictures. Have a nice Golden Week and take care.