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G2 – Who We Are (My School Community)

Greetings to our dear parents.

For today’s blog, we will talk about the following objectives and activities where Grade-2 achieved for this month of April. To begin with, here are the following objectives of the lesson that we are trying to achieved from the theme (Who We Are) and Lines of Inquiry 1 (My School Community). 1. To stimulate curiosity about the unit’s central idea. 2. To encourage students to ask questions and make some predictions about the unit’s content. 3. To establish clear expectations for behavior and routines. 4. Inquire about the school community using wonder wall. 5. Identify and reflect the importance of children’s roles in the school community through a song (We Are The Children) 6. Express their understanding about the school community through a creative art project. 7. Recognize the various individuals and their roles in the school community.

We did community walk around the school. We prepared questions about our theme and posted it in our wonder wall. We listened and sang the song “We Are The Children”. We did Art project such as poster, photo collage and diorama. And we did presentations of all our projects in the class.