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G1 Connections.

Hello everyone, it is good to have you have again. I hope that you’ve had a really good week. Grade 1 has been hard at work, learning about relationships, friendships, and family and acclimatizing into their new environment. We also had some days off due to Golden Week.

The first unit for grade 1 is all about relationships, and the first line of inquiry in this unit was all about relationships. So grade got to work to learn about some of the different relationships that are around them, such as families, friendships, and school relationships.

The 2nd line of inquiry has been about how to keep those relationships well. The students have been learning about actions that are friendly, and things that they should avoid in order to keep healthy relationships with each other.

Another step in this final line of inquiry for the first unit, will be to learn about some of the language that students can use in order to have good relationships with each other. Words such as, ‘Please,’ ‘Thank you,’ and ‘I’m sorry.’

We also had an assembly with two of the grade 1 students getting, ‘Student of the Month,’ certificates. The students took some really great Mother’s day video for their mothers, some sweet messages about why they love their mothers.

Thank you very much, I hope that you all have a nice weekend, and enjoy the warmer weather.