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Gojo Campus~Sustainable Library ProjectGojo Campus~📖🐝

Hello everyone!

I would like to inform you all about the Sustainable Library Project, which I have not told you about for a while!

Actually… since the beginning of October, there has been a lot of things going on in Gojo’s library💡.

Please take a look at the photos as well 🎵








とっても素敵ですよね! 子どもたちも早速思い思いにベンチで本を読んでいます📚🥰


In October, the design team, architecture team, Value Books team and ISN finally started the library renovation project! ✌️

The major changes are…

✅More variety of books

✅Design changes

Firstly, the variety of books is prepared by the Value Books team and the Japanese/English instructors of ISN who make a list of books they want. Japanese books are prepared in Japan, and English books are prepared by the Value Books team in cooperation with bookstores in the US 🤝.

The first step in the design process was to paint the walls of the library white to brighten up the entire space, after that we brought in bookshelves that are made of natural wood!

Just by having these bookshelves, the image has changed completely!

The impression is very soft because of the natural wood, and above all, it is a great pleasure to see the children already relaxing and sitting on the benches with great joy😊🙏🏻

The other day, we also finished bringing in a small space for the children to relax and read books!

Maybe we can have a Sustainable Library unveiling by the beginning of the next year? 😍

Everyone, we hope you are looking forward to it! 🎵



また、アメリカのポートランドにある「The Powell’s 」という本屋さんでスタッフの方たちも手伝ってくれて本の準備が進んでいます📖✨