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Revolutions, crimes and soil

Greetings everyone!

In the Middle School this week, we began the week by finishing Animal Farm. It was interesting hearing the students’ opinions on whether revolutions are something that benefits society. They understood that the pigs actions in the story were not fair and that the welfare of the other animals declined after the takeover of Manor Farm. However, when considering the idea in today’s society, they were split in their opinions. Some thinking that society is fine as it is, while others thought there are definitely problems but maybe revolutions are not the best solution.

And speaking of change, our IGCSE subject matter changed from shopping to crime.

We had a fairly lively discussion based around material from our textbook, as to whether various given situations were a crime or not. Examples included, using a parents computer password to buy games online, receiving to much change at a store and leaving without saying anything and parking a car where we are not supposed to park. In the end, the students were split as to which of two examples were the most heinous crimes. These being, stealing money from people via computer information and a company polluting a river which makes children ill.

And in the final part of this week, we continued looking at soils. We considered the difference between healthy soil and dirt. And, we started an experiment to determine the presence of carbon within soil.

Next Friday 9th June, we will be going on field trip to a local woodwork shop. I look forward to sharing more about our adventure.

Until then, have a great week.