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Grades 3 and 4: Creators

Hello, parents and friends! It was another fun week in Grades 3 and 4. We have learned a lot about geography and finished our first Unit of Inquiry of the year.

We started of the week by completing the presentations of our research about different countries and doing several activities and worksheets related to that. The students seemed really interested in using their atlases to search for more information and learning more about geography. We talked about different countries’ flags, their traditional food and clothes, and saw examples of children from around the world, what their houses look like and where they go to school. ✈️

In this week’s English lessons, we’ve started practicing spelling some commonly misspelled words. Students have been checking each other’s work and practicing using the words in their creative writing assignment.

On Friday, the students created their own beautiful artworks with Mr. Jord. We have continued talking about mixing colors to get the shades the painters want to show and planning out how to use their entire canvases. Please take a peek at them when you are at school. 🎨

This activity also served as a finish to our Unit of Inquiry 1. It was great to use this time to get to know the students little-by-little and for them to get more comfortable with their new teacher and in their new class. Let’s have lots of fun and learn a lot more during Unit 2. Have a great weekend! ☀️