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\\Matsumoto Gojo elementary grade 2 unit 3🏢//

\\Matsumoto Gojo elementary grade 2 unit 3//

Our transdisciplinary theme for Unit 3 is about “How We Organize Ourselves”. 

The Central idea is about Local governments and the learning of inquiries are:

(LOI1) Structure and the system of the government,

(LOI2) How local government works and helps its citizens,

and (LOI3) Recognizing problems can help us solve them. The most important lesson that we need to learn here is to be organized at this early stage of their lives.
How We Organize Ourselves?

At this very young age the students should have a clear perspective about the importance of being organize at school, at home, or in other public places that they visit freely. To deepen their knowledge, we integrated social studies tackling Local Government. It is an organized body that runs the community to maintain its peace and prosperity.

The lesson that we are discussing right now is all about “The structure and the system of the local government in Japan” (LOI 1).

To enlighten us this topic, we used the 2016 Local Government in Japan PDF files, Community Government (Raz book), and google research, for our references.

Some information that we learned is: The local government has two tiers; the prefecture and the municipality.

The prefecture is regional and has quite big responsibilities compared to the municipal which only compose of towns and villages…

In Spelling time, we integrated the UOI lessons for them to familiarize the words and be part of their assessment test like; Local government, governor, mayor, etc.

In Reading time, we used Community Government and Firefighters Raz books to be the source of our ideas about how a local government runs the community.

Next week we are going to start LOI 2, How local government works and helps its citizens.



ユニット3のテーマは「How We Organize Ourselves(私たちはどのように自分たちをどう組織しているか)」です。

(LOI1*) 政府の仕組みと制度
(LOI2) 地方自治体がどのように機能し、市民を助けているか。
(LOI3) 問題を認識することは、問題解決につながる。
*Line of inquiry(探求の流れ)


今わたしたちが授業で取り組んでいるのは、「日本の地方自治体の仕組みと制度」(LOI 1)についてです。このトピックを理解するために、「2016年版 日本の地方自治」のPDFファイル、「Community Government」(Razbook)、そしてGoogleリサーチなどを参考に調べました。

リーディングの時間では、Community GovernmentとFirefighters Razの本を使い、地方自治体がどのように地域社会を運営しているかについてのアイデアを話し合いました。

来週は、LOI 2「地方自治体がどのように機能し、市民を助けているか」を始めます✨