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\\Grade 3// 5th~9th September blog👍

I hope that you are all doing well this week. 👋

This week was the continuation of LOI 1, the elements of my town. 🏯✨

This week saw us visit Central Matsumoto. This was a pretty good trip for the students as they can be able to get familiar with their town, by walking around which was also a pleasant exercise.  

Wednesday was a good day for the students to reflect on the previous day’s walk around the town. 

The students also had some good time to play at Agatanomori Park.

Wednesday saw us learn about the compass and Map Legends which is key for their development in this unit. That would also develop the student’s skills to maneuver and give directions well. we did an activity where the students had to match legend symbols to their appropriate description. They did better than expected👍

Thursday was a day of learning key vocabulary for the unit such as, ‘prepositions, ‘infrastructure,’ and ‘town.’ We played musical chairs to help practice and learn these terms which was a great way to enjoy the task with the students. Thursday also saw us learn more the city of Matsumoto, and some places to visit that we might not have been familiar with such as, The Matsumoto Timepiece Museum, and the Matsumoto City Museum. 

From grade 3, we hope that you have a good weekend, and a fine week ahead🌈



今週はLOI 1(探究の流れ1)の続き、「私たちの町には何があるのか知ろう」でした。




‘prepositions, ‘infrastructure,’ ‘town.’ など、この単元で重要な語彙を学習する日でした。これらの単語を練習し、学ぶために椅子取りゲームを行い、一緒に楽しむことができました。