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PYP Workshop for Parents August 26th🌎

Hello, everyone.

The summer heat is seemingly dying down a little bit and I hope everyone is coping well!

For ISN, the Summer being almost over also means the return to normal lessons after the Summer programme, which also means the return of our monthly PYP workshops for parents.

This past Friday, the topic we introduced was “Agency, Action, Exhibition”, introducing the three concepts of integral importance to the PYP.
Simply put, a student that has agency is in control of their learning. They are learning actively, through making their own decisions, taking risks, making mistakes and fixing them, research, cooperation and reflection. They are learning for their own benefit and not for anyone else’s or because they were asked to do so.

The three main elements of Agency are Voice, Choice and Ownership. Students with Voice ask questions, express their interests and share their opinions. Students with Choice can view things from different perspectives and choose what they think is best for themselves and for others. Students with Ownership of their learning have more responsibility, but can also be proud of what they have achieved.

Students with Agency will often exhibit it through Action. Action is something the students do of their own accord as a result of their learning, and can take a form of engagement, contribution to their community or change of their own plans and perspectives.

Both Agency and Action are exhibited through the PYP Exhibition, which is the cherry on top of every successful student’s PYP education. At ISN, it takes the form of a Unit of Inquiry the students plan on their own, which includes identifying a problem their community faces and finding ways to help. The students present their work publicly every December.

After covering these basic terms, an interesting discussion ensued on what the teachers do at school and what the parents can do at home to encourage students’ Agency and Action. Some of the things we all can do are give students ample time to express their interests and use the things they learned creatively, actively listen to students and respond to their unique ideas, follow the children’s wishes and needs, give them feedback and offer them help, model desired behavior and language. 

Doing all of these things, of course, can’t happen overnight and takes time. But, if we put in the time and effort in building this sort of welcoming culture both, at school and at home, the children will slowly feel more confident and comfortable with expressing their own wishes and ideas.

We’d like to thank everyone for participating in the workshop. Our next workshop with the topic of “Interdisciplinarity in the PYP” will take place on September 30th.

PYP Assistant for Elementary, Igor Coric

Head teacher assistant, Atsuko Tanaka

保護者向けPYPワークショップ 8月26日



この金曜日は、”Agency, Action, Exhibition “というテーマで、PYPに不可欠な3つのコンセプトについて紹介しました。


エージェンシーの3大要素は、「声」「選択」「主体性」です。声(Voice)を持つ生徒は、質問をし、自分の興味を表現し、意見を共有します。選択(Choice) を持つ生徒は、物事をさまざまな角度から見ることができ、自分にとっても他人にとっても最善だと思うことを選択することができます。学習の主体性(Ownership) を持つ生徒は、より大きな責任を持ちますが、自分が達成したことを誇りに思うこともできます。






小学部PYPアシスタント イゴル・チョリチ

小学部アシスタント 田中敦子