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Grade 2 “How local government works and helps its citizens”

This week’s lesson is about “How local government works and helps its citizens”. 

The local government established laws, policies, and regulations to lead the community smoothly. 

They chose some people who are willing to serve their neighbors and group them according to their skills and knowledge to attend to people’s needs like Public Safety, Health and Welfare Division, etc. 

These departments are a very integral part to help the citizens’ everyday needs, especially food and health security. Grade-2 students starting to realize the idea that their relatives, friends, and family have been part of this heroic act of service. 

They started to like the role of a police officer, teacher, manager, engineer, and other workers in the community. They also accepted the possibility that they will be one of community workers in the future.

 I’m counting on them. The world🌎needs leaders who have sympathy💛 to serve, protect and help others without hesitation. For now, the idea that these workers have an important role in this progressive country is very important. 

Through slideshow presentation💻, poster making, cleaning the classroom, not throwing trash anywhere, not hurting somebody, studying, being organized, listening to their parents, and many more are an act of support to the mission and vision of the local government. That’s all for today. Until next time.😊✨