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Grade 2 “Signages, Posters, and Diorama Project”

Good day everyone.

Last LOI2 (How local government works and helps its citizens), we had an opportunity to visit Shiga Town Hall for an excursion. Grade-2 had a chance to talked to them and learned some few things about their nature of work and their working environment. They allowed us also to visit their meeting room, departments, library and other area for operational purposes. The spokesperson treated us well and answered all of our queries. And we are so grateful to meet him. 

Pertaining to unit 3, it was about recognizing problems can help us solve them. In order to assessed our awareness regarding this matter, we did some brainstorming before we started our posters and signages making. Some examples of posters that we did are based on our own experiences and observations in school like, ”Don’t hit each other, Do not break the glass, Organize your classroom, Pick up the trash to make the school clean and etc.. The posters are intended to warn us from accidents, conflicts and confusions in a public place like school. The posters and signages help us also to be a good student in school and do the best practices in school. These ideas are also helpful and useful for the parents and visitors who will visit the school in the near future to use as their guidelines in visiting the school. Helping people to be safe in any simple ways are a heroic act.

In additional to that, we had also a diorama making for our ideal community. We designed our ideal mini house, school, market, hospital, etc. to be formed as our mini community. At the end of the day, these projects will help us to understand our objective on why we need to be organize in life. 

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.