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Sptember 26th~30th Grade 3

Greetings from Grade 3! 

I hope you have had a good week. 

This week began with the usual P.E and music lessons. The students are still practicing dance routines for the upcoming Sports Day! Tuesday was quite productive, as we closed out LOI2 by studying and reading about the history of the old Kaichi School if Matsumoto City. We explored the varied importance of schools and continued on to LOI3 soon after. Wednesday, saw grade 3 focus on the Essential Agreements and why they are vital in our school community. Thursday had been a much anticipated day in our class as we would go to Matsumoto Castle.

It was fun and informative for us to learn about the history of the city. 

As mentioned in the introduction, Monday grade 3 had music and P.E lessons, which is a nice way to ease into the week for the students. Some fun classes that get them warmed up for the week ahead. The students have been getting their dance routines ready as Sports Day is nearing closer, and the students will also be involved a bit more this year with the decorations as they will be coloring the flags and preparing the invitations for the event. 

Tuesday was an interesting day for grade 3. We focused on the importance and history of schools in Matsumoto. We looked at the old Kaichi School as the first school to be built in Matsumoto by Tateishi Seijyu along with the help and donations of the residents of Matsumoto. The students enjoyed learning about this and really got engaged in reading about this. Tuesday we also began LOI3, which is about the past, present and future of Matsumoto. The main project will be for the students to design and make a town that they would like to see in the future. This started with the students drawing their ideal town, which will then be followed by coloring and the actual model being made next week. 

Wednesday was also pretty good, as we set aside some time in the morning to focus on Essential Agreements. This was important and the students were able to understand the gravity of this activity. They focused on things that help them learn and things that harm their progress of learning. It was enlightening and a good day, as we hope these revelations by the students will be put to practice. 

Thursday was a big day and the students had been waiting for this with some bated breath. We went to Matsumoto Castle to learn about the history of Matsumoto and what it looked like in the past. It was a fun day for the students, we saw some old maps, old weapons that were used in the past, and other interesting details that were substantial in our continued learning of LOI3. The students also got a small lesson on samurai swords and knives that they enjoyed a lot. 

Tomorrow, we will review our trip to the castle and probably a review of the week’s activities, which is always good for the students. This offers refreshed minds and a way for students to look back and reflect. 

We hope that you have a great weekend and a good week ahead.”






火曜日はLOI2(Lines of inqiry 2)の締めくくりとして、松本市にある旧開智学校の歴史について勉強するために、本を読んだり、とても充実した一週間でした。


松本市の学校の重要性と歴史に焦点を当てました。(Grade3の実際の授業風景の様子は、ISN GojoのInstagramにてご覧いただけますので、そちらもぜひご覧ください😊生徒たちはゲームを交えたレッスンにとても楽しく取り組んでいますよ!)