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Grade 3’s Fantasy Land!🌈👼

Greetings everyone.

As we find ourselves at the end of another week, we hope that everyone is doing well.

This week will be the final week for unit 3 and we kicked things off with the continuation of our planning for our mini town. The students drew their blueprints and also wrote down some of the things that will be needed for their facilities such as windows and doors.

The following day, the students started cutting up and designing their buildings according to their own ideas. The students also used old newspaper to cover the boxes and get them ready to be painted.

Of course, the students enjoyed the painting as they used different colors and even mixed to get some nice combinations going. We also managed to finished our town earlier than expected and this will give us some time to finish other work that had not been completed.

Friday is going to be dedicated to trying to decided which play will be performed for our annual Christmas performance day. We hope that you will have a good weekend, and great week ahead.