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Visual Art~Grade 2~


This week’s lesson is about Art. It can be categorized as Visual, Literature, Music, Applied, and Performing Art.

Visual art is a work that is intended to be viewed such as painting, drawing and sculpture. Drawing is the most relatable visual art in the world for the young learners. We learned that there are 22 common styles of drawing like academic, comic, manga and cartoon style. While exploring the different styles of drawings, we slowly got hooked into it. We tried to draw everything we could that led us to a good understanding of the basic foundation of art such as using of lines, combining different colors, shapes and more. It also taught us to be more confident with our skills and talents when performing or sharing our ideas in front of other people. It will also inspire others to be principled and be productive in life to strengthen their inner peace.

Below are some of our inputs based on our own point of view about visual art.

Please enjoy. Thank you very much.