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G3 The world of metaphors, similes and adjectives.

Greetings everyone. First off, thank you to all the parents and everyone involved in the Sports Day, it was a great day of games, laughter and just connections between the parents, students and the school.

This week we started off with reflections of the Sports Day, and it really seems like all the students enjoyed and were enthralled by the festivities of the day. We also started this week with learning about adjectives, and the adjectives order. even though it was a little challenging for students to wrap their minds around it, the students are starting to have a better picture of what adjectives are and how they work.

the students also learned about metaphors and similes. This was a bit more challenging, and the students are still working hard to understanding the concept of metaphors and similes.

We switched focus this week as well, as we had to have an earthquake and fire drill. The students did pretty well and followed protocol, with a new things to brush up on but the important matters were remembered and followed effectively.

As we focused on Descriptive, and Expository writing this week Friday will be a day when we focus on Letters and how students can express themselves using these types of writing.

We hope that you all have a great weekend and a productive week ahead.