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Grade 6: The wheels are in motion

Hello, everyone! The week after the Sports day has brought us cold weather. The students are staying inside, but have turned their heads towards planning upcoming exciting projects.

But what a fun Sports day it was! The students enjoyed many fun games and one of the most exciting (and funny) ones was the Obstacle course showcased by Grades 5 and 6. The students had to carry different sized balls using spoons and shovels, jump in rice bags and spin around while still keeping their balance. We enjoyed the fun Treasure hunt and getting to know the old Indian game of Kabaddi. We hope all the parents had a good time as well. 🏅

The students seem enthusiastic about preparing for this year’s Performance day. They have calculated the time left to prepare and made a schedule of goals to achieve by each date. People in charge of each part of preparations have also been chosen: Nayl has decided to tackle the costumes, Kaisei will be in charge of the music, Aoi is the man for the props, and Isshin will be getting everyone in shape in order to practice their lines to their best ability.

The wheels are in motion regarding the upcoming bus trip as well. With the help of their teachers, the students have decided to go to Nagoya and planned the educational and entertaining activities they will be doing there. The theme of the trip will be “Development of Technology”. There is still a lot of planning to be done in terms of itinerary, so that will keep us busy in the upcoming weeks as well. 🚌

On Thursday, the school held the first earthquake emergency drill of this year. The students used their knowledge and previous experience they had with earthquakes to discuss the best ways to stay safe in emergency situations. Let’s practice again next month! Have a great weekend! 🍀