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G6: Great Progress

Hi everyone! What a fun week in Grade 6! Finishing our Unit, helping others, working hard on preparing our Performance, and the Halloween Party!

The students have discussed how they keep their bodies healthy. A student shared about the importance of calcium and proper diet. An another student discussed why we need to sleep well and do sports and exercise. After considering how to present their ideas to their community in the final Unit project, the students will reflect and finally complete Unit of Inquiry 3. Next week, they will start inquiring into an entire new Unit, this time focusing on Social Studies, with the topic of Fashion and how it can help people preserve their culture and express their individuality. 👘

This week also marked the fourth week the students have been participating in the school’s Partnership Programme. This involves the students visiting Grade 3 and 4 students once a week, communicating with them and helping them in their daily activities. The students were not overly enthusiastic about the project once they started, but they seem to open up more to helping other and sharing their own ideas with other teachers and students as well. Let’s support them for weeks to come. 🌱

Great progress was made this week in preparing for the Performance Day. The preparation do seem to take up most of the students’ time these days, but the progress is visible. Their show script is almost finished, costumes and props are planned, and the students have started practicing their lines and basic stage movement and blocking on a daily basis. We are so excited for everyone to see it!

Finally, the Halloween Party is happening this Friday. All of the students and teacher have prepared costumes and are excited to participate in fun activities, both all together and separated by class. And it doesn’t hurt that there are less traditional lessons on that day either. Have a great weekend! 🎃