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Grade 3’s scary hours!

Greetings! As the temperatures get deeper into the negatives, we hope that you are keeping warm.

We started week on a light, but forward looking mood as we began by putting more thought into what we would be doing for the Christmas Show performance. As last week we had watched Jumanji, the students opted for the older more famous tale of Alice in Wonderland. We watched the first Disney adapted version which is animated from 1951. That proved to be a bit complicated and tough for the students to grasp. Then we moved on the newer version from 2010, which is also not animated. The second version was far better and the students truly enjoyed it.

This week for UOI we also moved onto the second Line Of Inquiry, and the focus was on writing letters, and the students were given homework to write and learn their home addresses.

We also focused on poetry and I think the students did well to understand and grasp the concept of poetry. I was a little worried about that, but I truly compliment the students for doing well.

The students also surprised me this week by cleaning the classroom without the help of the teacher which was something I was particularly happy and proud about.

Lets keep warm and enjoy the weekend, and stay warm!