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Happy Halloween and Music

To our dear parents, in behalf of ISN, we would like to say “thank you” for all the support that you had given the school. We really appreciate your donations, participations in our sports festival, your support in looking for your child’s costume for the Halloween party, and for sending simple presents for the teachers. Once again, thank you and we really appreciate your kindness. May your family continue receive prosperity and good health from our heavenly creator.

Grade 2の様子をお届けします🎵 その前に、ISNの保護者の皆様、毎回素晴らしいドネーションやご協力を頂きありがとうございます。おかげさまで子どもたちの活動の幅が広がっています。

We were so proud to show our costumes to everyone for our Halloween party last week. We also played couple of games inside the classroom led by some of our classmates. We watched a movie with the whole students in the Multipurpose room, had a school pictorial, and the trick or treat activity.

Halloween Partyでは、それぞれの生徒がコスチュームを見せ合う楽しい時間となったり、G2クラスでは簡単なハロウィンゲームを行いました。また、全生徒が集まり、ハロウィンにちなんだ映画を楽しんでいました!!

We talked about musical symbols for UOI. For further understanding, we needed to unlock some vocabulary words like notes, rest, staff, treble clef. After unlocking the words, we searched and performed some songs that are sang in high, low, slow and fast beat. We also searched some songs that can be dedicated to our beloved parents and friends to express our gratitude. The students dedicated songs to their parents, played their instrumental song and played their guitar in front of the class. Some students sang Dance Monkey, and another students sang Demon, Pen, Pineapple Pen by a students, and Get Up, Stand Up by one of our student.