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As the myriad colours of Autumn take their turns to fall and blow, I hope this finds you with warm heart and good cheer.

今週のGrade4の様子をお知らせします! 今週は少し早くもPerformance Dayの練習を始めていますよ!

This week, we have begun in earnest our preparations for Performance Day 2022.

After some researching and voting, we have selected 3 traditional Japanese folk tales that we will perform for your refinement and bemusement. These are, “The Spider Weaver”, “Mr. Lucky Straw” and “Little One-Inch”.

“The Spider Weaver”、 “Mr. Lucky Straw” 、 “Little One-Inch”の3つの物語を選択しました。3つのグループに分かれて、進めていきます。

Our work now consists in adapting these tales for the stage.

Working in 3 groups we have been considering what we like, dislike and wish to change about these stories.

The students have been having a lot of fun with their suggestions while perhaps realising how difficult it can be to anticipate how a performance will be understood and appreciated by an audience.


No matter the outcome, the show will go on!

We look forward to sharing more with you in the coming weeks and value your support.

Warm regards and take care.