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Applied Art, Performing Art and Performance Day

To our dear parents, good afternoon. This week’s lesson is about LOI 2, Performing Arts. But before that, let me show you first the previous activity that we had. We learned some basic stitches like running, backstitch, whip stitch, and slipstitch, through sewing bags and pouches in Applied Art. Though its fun, there are still some challenges that we encountered, like how to put the thread on the needle, how to tie and tighten the thread and unavoidable stung incident. I observed that some parents are supporting their child’s interest in sewing because they are already very good at it. And for those who just newly discovered their child’s interest in sewing, please kindly support them. Some of us still wants to do it while others are fixing their work. After that we talked about performing Arts. There are types of Performing Arts like magic, illusions, theatre, circus, dance, and many more. In connection with our Performance Day in the Christmas show, we talked about our presentation. We agreed to do The Bremen Town Musicians, so, we watched the short clip and studied about it while finishing some sewing stuff. For the update, we had already chosen our character/s each and rehearsed some of our lines. Until next time. See you.