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A glimpse into the life of a firefighter

“The hero is commonly the simplest and obscurest of men.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

In the simplest words, firefighters are important because they save lives, of course, it’s not the whole answer and, in fact, there are many good reasons that firefighting is considered to be a highly skilled profession that makes huge contributions to the community that it serves.Their main motivation is knowing that each morning, they might just save someone’s life that day. 

During the time that we spent during our field trip, we have learned a lot about the lives of firefighters. They treat each other like having a second family. They are said to have a tight bond with their team, and they’ll always have each others’ back.

Every day is different, and each incident brings new challenges. One minute you could be dealing with a patient with a heat stroke, the next a house fireThere are lots to learn from being a firefighter that are certainly new and transferable.Every day firefighting brings new challenges and new activities and there’s no “one size fits all” handbook for a firefighter’s life. 

Thinking fast, communicating quickly and keeping calm in a crisis are just some of the skills fine tuned as a firefighter. From first-aid to health and safety, they build skills in areas that will benefit one’s day-to-day role.