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Grade 3, Alice practices.

Hello! Good to be here again, and we hope that you have had a good week so far.

Monday kicked off with us practicing our script and getting ready for the performance. That has basically been the theme of the week with a few exercises that have been practiced and played to enhance expression in the students.

We also played an emoji game that the students have been really enjoying so far. The students get into teams and have to portray the different emojis to their teammates, for the to guess. This was focused more on facial expression.

Another exercise that was done in the classroom was for the students to wear the comedy tragedy masks, to hide their faces as they tried to express themselves only using their bodies. This was a great exercise to help enhance the student’s body language and presence on stage.

This week, we did math with a twist. We used UNO cards to play a few mathematics games.

We hope that you are going to have a good weekend, and stay safe.