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G-2 “The Bremen Town Musicians” (Play Rehearsal and Props Making)

Good day to our dear parents.

Today’s blog is about the school’s open day, Grade-two’s props making and play rehearsal. First of all, we were so grateful and proud to see you (parents) in the classroom during our Christmas show rehearsal. We we’re also so excited to see you all when you came to school by bus. Inside the classroom, you witnessed our play rehearsal and gave us some great advice for the things that we need to improve and add in our play. We also enjoyed the time when we had our lunch together and had a moment to chat to each other about our school’s condition and plans afterwards. We are looking forward to see you in school again. Thank you.

With regard to Grade-two’s presentation, at this moment, we are now trying to finish our props and polish our lines and acting. Here are some of the props that we need to get ready before the show: farm’s fence, musician’s eye glass, tree, animal cut-outs, book and a house. As of now, with the help of everyone, we finished preparing almost all of it except for the book and the house. For our animal cuts-outs to be more attractive, we decided to use cellophane and colored paper instead of the usual painting and drawing. Our learner profile here are to be balanced and be principled to strengthen unity and cooperation.

Until next time, readers. See you!