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Grade 3 sets it up!

Greetings! As the temperatures drop, we bid farewell to a beautiful fall. We hope that you have kept yourself well and warm.

The grade 3 got the week off with some regular practice. This week, we decided to focus on audibility as we had not fully focused on that very much.

The students were also looking forward to creating the stage setting for the show. We began this part of the process as well, and the students have been drawing some really great things. I am quite excited for that part.

Agency has been a big part of our school year. We want to give students the responsibility and the power to have a greater influence in their learning experience. So this means that students make more decisions in the things they want to learn, to play, how they would like to change their school, and the school uses this information as a way to improve the student’s agency at ISN. With this in mind, the students at grade 3 have decided to clean their classroom each day without the teachers help. I have to say, that they do a really good job too! That is a moment of pride for the students and the parents, as this means that they want to take their classroom and environment very seriously. Well done to the students!

Students agency(生徒会制度のようなもの)発足は、スクールにとっておおきな動きとなりなした!
Grade3の皆さん、Great job!

Friday we will have our first rehearsals for the show, and we look forward to that. Take care, and have a great week ahead of you.