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Make Reading a Habit

We all enjoy reading books, but some of us do not, and only a few of us understand the importance of reading books on a daily basis.

According to one author, reading for pleasure improves literacy, social skills, health, and learning outcomes, in addition to the pure enjoyment of exercising one’s imagination. Children have the freedom to choose the worlds they visit, the characters they meet, the points of view they encounter, and the visions they create through reading.

Value Books staff visited ISN-Gojo with their book bus on Tuesday, January 17,2023. Each student was given the opportunity to select a book of their choice. Students waiting their turn to board the bus to pick up a book of their choice had drawn and written something on the bus’s body. There are so many books to choose from that most students, including teachers, were unsure which one to select. This Value Books-sponsored activity is extremely beneficial to the students. This activity taught students the importance of reading books.

2023年1月17日(火)、Value booksの皆さんがBook busで🚌Gojoキャンパスを訪れました。🚌🌀

Let us make reading a habit!