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G3, Going into the elements in Space.

Greetings everyone. We hope that you are keeping well and warm so far in the week. The 16th to the 20th of January marks the first full week of the new year and there has been a gradual increase in momentum for the work ahead of us.

This week we started off by focusing on the elements of space, which includes the sun, moon, stars and the planets. The main focus for this week has definitely been the different planets. But we also focused on the distance between the planets and the sun.

We watched a very interesting video on how best we can scale a model of the solar system ( This did put some perspective in the minds of the students about how big the universe could be.

We also played around with numbers as we calculated the distances between planets. After this, we went outside and measured the distance of the planets between each other by a scale of 1cm per 1 000 000km. This was huge but quite helpful and fun for the students.

This week also saw the school have special visitors from Value Books. They arrived in a very snazzy mobile library, in which students could pick and choose books for the library. This was also a campaign for students to get and learn about sustainability through reading and books. It was lots of fun!

Lastly, we printed, laminated and pasted the sun and the planets of our solar system on our classroom wall. This was quite fun too, and I personally like how it looks. Thank very much and we hope that you will have a very good, warm and safe weekend.




今週は、Value Booksの特別訪問もありました。とてもおしゃれな移動図書館でやってきて、生徒たちは図書館に置く本を選ぶことができました。これは、読書や本を通して、サステナビリティについて学ぶキャンペーンでもありました。とても楽しかったです。