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Online with snow

Greetings everyone.

So, this week has been something of an odd one for Grade 4.

First, we began the week online.

The students were all very relaxed and oped really well with it. I was impressed with their punctuality and their perseverance with whatever our area of focus.

We considered local currencies, i.e. Brixton Pound, Bristol Pound and Salt Spring Island Dollars, and then were tasked with creating our own local currency for somewhere in Nagano, preferably somewhere that holds a connection for them.

We then joined another workshop with Value Books. This time considering how we might reward contributors to our fund for renovating the school library.

Grade 4 had some really great ideas, and I would not be surprised if they turned up on the website when the project goes live.

Back to school on Wednesday, saw snow and ice bring further disruption to our week.

However, the students seemed happy to be back amongst their friends after their extended break of play.



その後、2回目のValue Booksとのワークショップに参加しました。今回は、学校の図書館を改修するための資金を寄付してくれた人に、どのようなお礼をしたらよいか(リターン)を考えました💡


Thank you for reading and let’s hope next week is more settled.