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Grade 6: Let’s read!

Hello, everyone! We hope you’ve had a lovely week.

The big event this week was the visit from Value Books, who held an interesting workshop for the students, introducing the work they do related to sustainability and crowdfunding. The students were given a chance to peruse the selection available in their book bus and choose a book of their choice that they thought relates to Sustainable Development Goals. Each student continued to present their choice to others and some were even interviewed by the press.

今週は、Value Booksの訪問を受け、サステナビリティやクラウドファンディングに関する活動を紹介し、興味深いワークショップを開催して頂きました🍃🌨
生徒たちはBook busの中から、SDGsに関連すると思われる本を選びました📖その後、各自が選んだ本を発表し、中には報道陣の取材を受ける生徒もいました。

One of the things we wanted to focus on in the remaining ten weeks of this school year was the students’ reading skills. As part of our Unit of Inquiry following the topic of “Peace”, the students were introduced to the first line of inquiry, “Consequences of war”. We discussed what war is, why is it led and what negative consequences it might have. The students seem to understand how unnecessary and negatively impactful wars can be and have commented on how wars through history might have been between different countries, but the suffering of everyday people has been the same.

「平和🕊」というトピックに続くUnit of Inquiryの一環として、生徒たちは最初の行程である「戦争の結果」について紹介されました。戦争とは何か、なぜ戦争が起こるのか、そして戦争がもたらす負の影響について話し合いました。生徒たちは、戦争がいかに不必要で悪影響を及ぼすかを理解しているようで、歴史上の戦争は異なる国同士のものであったかもしれないが、日常の人々の苦しみは同じであったとコメントしています。

We have read “Zlata’s diary”, a diary of a 12-year-old girl growing up doing wartime, chronicling the disastrous events of war and how they affected her family, school friends and everyday activities. We also discussed the recently released “Peace and war”, offering simple illustrations that pose poignant questions on the differences between war and life.

The students continued to create their own anti-war slogan and poster and discussed how they can spread this important message to the world and shared about the people they think could be role models in terms of showing the learner profile attributes of open-minded and principled. We hope you have a wonderful weekend!