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Frozen Tundra of Gojo G3

Greetings good people. I hope this finds you in sincere and warm spirits.

This will probably be the coldest week of the year, and by the looks of things, it will continue on into the following week.

With that, this week we focused on the final few days of our 1st Line Of Inquire for unit 5, “The elements in space.”

We also reflected on the 1st Line Of Inquiry by using the Solo Taxonomy, which is great to help students understand what we have learned, and how much they might want to improve on.

This week saw the introduction of pronouns for our grammar lessons. The students found it quite easy to understand and grasp.

One interesting fact that we learned today is that, before the big bang that created the whole universe, the universe was so small it could fit into a pinhead. Incredible to think that today, it is almost unfathomable to think of the size and scale of the universe.

Wishing you a happy, warm and safe weekend ahead. See you next week!