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Assessment Day!

Good day parents.

Today’s blog is about LOI 2 Assessment day.

In continuation of our LOI2, for further explanation, we presented a slideshow about the secondary sector, industry, manufacturing, factory, and some negative effects of industrialization in our environment. We worked it in a group but we presented it individually to strengthen more our presentation and reporting skills. In addition to that, we made a project on what business industry we would like to be part with in the future. Some students made a slideshow presentation/crafts for Health Care Industry, one of the student made crafts for Pharmaceutical Industry; and some more students created a game/slideshow for Computer Industry.

In addition to that, today, we visited Planetarium Museum in Matsumoto for an educational trip with Grade-3. First, inside the dome, the staff showed us a short clip about how we can understand the solar system, planets and galaxies outside of the planet earth. They also explained the movements of the sun around the earth that cause sunrise and sunset. After watching a video, we visited a room where there are lots of science inventions displayed there. There are simple machines that can create an electricity by just simply rotating the handle pipe.