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Presentation week

Hello everybody, I hope that you’ve had a good week. Last week ended with a fun trip to the Matsumoto Planetarium which was a great Segway into this week’s work. This week looked into the reasons for our exploration into space.

The students looked into the reasons why humans venture into space to learn as much as we can about space and our universe. We started things off by reflecting on our trip from last week. The students learned quite a few interesting things, such as the big bang and how our planet was formed. We also learned about some of the important reasons for space exploration such as learning about climate change and weather forecasts.

We had a discussion in class and the students also learned about other reasons for space exploration, such as the use of the internet, GPS and more importantly the fight against global warming. Along with the ability to accurately predict the weather, we can also predict the climate change issues.

With this knowledge the students worked on making posters in teams with information about the different reasons why space exploration is key. The students also had to prepare presentations about their posters.

The weekend is upon us, please take care and have a good one!