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Who do you consider to be your role model?

We are currently working on our final LOI for this unit in Grade 5, which is the importance of personal role models.

To begin, students were asked the following questions: Who is your personal role model? and What makes him/her your personal role model? Some students consider their father to be a role model because he is a good person who will help and save others. Some students identify their mother and sister as role models. One person claims that her mother is her role model because she is kind, good at cooking, and funny. The other stated that her sister is her role model because she is skilled at shamisen, intelligent, and quick to think. Other Grade 5 students describe their friend as a role model because he is kind, helpful, runs fast, speaks English well, and plays soccer well.

Students in Grade 5 were also asked to compare and contrast heroes and role models. To accomplish this, they used a Venn diagram, in which two circles that overlap share traits, whereas circles that do not overlap do not. The students were intent on completing the Venn diagram, despite initially struggling with what to write in each section of the diagram.