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People who provide services and the importance of different Jobs

Good afternoon our dear parents.

Today’s blog is all about LOI3 and LOI4. But before we proceed, I would like you to see some of Grade-2’s project about LOI1 and LOI2. They chose fishing, pharmaceutical, forestry, mining and health care industry and presented it in the class through crafts. Please see the pictures below.

In LOI3, we inquired about the people who provide services in terms of welfare, education, and other Job services. After the discussion, the students were divided into two groups to present what they’ve learned about. After couple of days of researching, brainstorming, and making things, they finally decided what project to make. Team A presented the list of workers through diorama while Team B used poster. Team A’s workers were dentist, teacher, chef, taxi driver, construction worker, and cleaner while Team B’s jobs were driver, doctor, teacher, chef, fire fighter, dentist, bank, hair cutter, and actor.

In LOI 4, we presented a slideshow about How do different jobs benefit each other?, How are jobs connected to each other?, and Why are all jobs equally important to our society?

In addition, our P.E. activity today is about basketball. After doing drills like shooting and dribbling last couple of weeks, what we did today is about passing. We did chest pass, bounce pass, overhead pass, and one-handed pass. Please see the pictures below.

Have a nice day and thank you for your time.