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Grade 1 – Is culture important?

Is culture important? This has been the big question for this week. Grade 1 used their creative minds to imagine a world with and without culture. They expressed their vision through their artworks. These activities helped students think of their own ideas as to whether culture is important or not. Many students came to the conclusion that culture is important because if countries didn’t have their unique cultures the world would be boring and have no variety or colour.

As a celebration to finish off the unit, we stepped into the Italian food culture and made ourselves some PIZZA! Students loved the sensory feeling of the dough, decorating their own pizza and ofcourse eating it! You can see the happy faces of the students.

Student’s also had an amazing time playing in the snow! We made snow mountains, snowballs, snowmans, and helped shovel some snow. We got back inside, changed and warmed up before going home.