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“My Job”

Hello our dear parents and friends. Today’s blog is all about Unit 5 project making and an ice cream factory field trip.

For project making, the G-2 students did a diorama about the jobs that they want to be in the future. Some says they want to be a youtuber, an athlete, police, mechanic, chefs, author, computer programmer, an ice cream maker and a nurse. To support these objective they made some accessories to explained their duties and tasks. The Youtubers has an iPod to upload their videos, police has a jail for the prisoners, mechanic has a car to be fixed, chefs have restaurants for them to cook and sell, the author has a book for her story, computer programmer has a laptop for her robot video game application, ice cream maker has an ice cream and nurse has a bed and table for her patients. We made also a slideshow presentation for further explanation about our diorama and fieldtrip experience.

About our fieldtrip, the learning objective/s are the following: the students need to describe the job in the factory and provide examples of its function in the society. Mr. Kelton Boyer, the owner of the shop (Mount Desert Island Ice Cream located in Ote, Matsumoto City, Nagano) humbly accommodated us and explained everything that we need to know about his business. Inside the store, he introduced us Chitose-san his person in-charge of the shop and they both described the work in the factory and explained the functions of every machine that they are using. They have vacuum packer, pasteurizers, soft ice cream machine, filler freezer, churn, mixer, shock freezer, and walking freezer in making an ice cream.

Such a nice and grateful experience to be with them.