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Unit 5 victory lap!

Greetings everyone! I hope that you have had a good week. this week has not been very busy for the grade 3 class.

This week we looked to close off the final week of unit 5 by looking into the future of space research. We watched one episode of a Netflix series called Lost in Space, which follows the lives of a family that have left planet Earth to start life on a different planet. The students enjoyed this very much and most had a good understanding of the show.

This episode set up our final activity which was a challenge for the students to create their own story based on the thought that 3 characters had to abandon planet Earth and colonize a different planet in order to survive. The students have been able to take up this challenge quite well and by the looks of things have been able to come up with a well thought out story.

Hopefully, this weekend will be warmer. Thank you, and take care.