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Grade 6: Big Voices

Hi, friends! Thank you so much for joining this Friday’s Music Concert and coming out to support the students. The students were very shy about performing songs in front of such a big audience, but have practiced a lot and tried to deliver a great show! And what a show it was form all grades! Everyone was unique in their own way. How about Middle school being true rock stars, or Grade 2 with their loud voices and harmonies? It was a pleasure for Grade 6 students to see their schoolmates perform for probably the first time. 🎸

And now it’s time to turn our focus to another grand event coming soon for the Grade 6 students – the Graduation ceremony. The students and their teachers started having meetings to decide the details of the event, from their graduation songs to the colors of their graduation dresses. It was nice to see the students show initiative by suggesting numerous songs and organizing the voting process to pick the best one, as well as having a student volunteer as a representative and composing a short speech. It’s a little emotional to think that our Elementary school won’t be the same without these students, but we’re all a big family at ISN, and will continue to support each other through Middle School as well. 🎓

Continuing with our UOI Topic of Technology, the students worked together in a team to make a YouTube video. The topic was Open-minded and Balanced people, since those two Learner profile attributes are the one we are focusing on during the current Unit. The students made a video on movie star The Rock, filming a voiceover and editing it themselves. Next week we will flip the tables around by doing a similar assignment, but with students trying to do it without using the benefits of modern technology, like Google and printing pictures. We will then compare the two ways to increase our understanding of the benefits, but also setbacks of technology. We hope you have a lovely, sunny weekend! ☀️