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G3’s Penultimate week!

Greetings everyone, I hope that you’ve all had a good week. We’ve had a pretty good penultimate week, as our focus was on rights and responsibilities. 

This week, we started our last Line Of Inquiry for unit 6, which is rights and responsibilities. The students learned about the meaning of rights and responsibilities and to add to this newly found knowledge, we looked at the Convention on the rights of the child. These are the rights of children according to UNICEF.

The students took this quite well and understand the term of rights, but also what it means to be responsible for your rights. Grade 3 also had a special guest, Mathapelo Mahlaba, a social worker for the government and a good friend of mine, from London, England. Her knowledge on rights and responsibilities shed more light for the students and she also shared a story about one of the children that she has helped to find a better home. 

This week was also, “The best week ever,” as said by some of the students who enjoyed a trip to Saku, at Kodomomiraikan, a beautiful and an adventure of a planetarium. Loads of things to explore from, slides to the insides of the human body, the students had a great time. 

We look towards next week and closing off our first year at the Gojo Campus. Thank you for your support, and see you next week. Stay safe!