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Back to School 2023-2024


Hello, dear parents, Welcome back. Its nice to see students motivated and in good shape. They may learn lots of things once again especially in English language from their new teachers, classmates, friends and from other staff members. New learnings, new memories to keep.

Today’s blog, I’m going to inform you how Grade-two pupils performed in P.E., Math, UOI and English during their first week in the class. In P.E., we did the Athletics. It is also called track-and-field sports, with a variety of competitions in running, walking, jumping and throwing events. Using the playground, we would be able to run, jog, hop and walk.

Next, in Math, we studied about numbers in words in two-digit. It is a naming word. It names a person, animal, a place or a thing. We answered some exercises in the book like identifying the noun from the story and have drill exercises on the board. Gratefully, everyone participated our exercises.

Then, in UOI, we inquired about Society. For further understanding, we visited all the rooms in the school. We try to find out the names of the people who work at school by interviewing them. We also answered some worksheets.

Lastly, in English, we did Reading. We reviewed the level B books for the letter sound-recognition. Here are some of the words we spelled school, class, books, etc. In grammar class we did nouns. After identifying it we did book exercise to check their learning. We encircled 20 nouns in the paragraph. Gratefully, everyone participated our exercises.

Before anything else please be informed that our theme song for this unit is “Yesterday’s Dream”. Please guide them

Thank you for your time. Until next time.