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Grade 6 New Year!

Hello and welcome back to everyone! The new year has begun with quite a few changes, new faces, new schedules, new grades but we hope to have another good year of growth and learning at ISN.

Last week was a slow week of getting back, learning the new intricacies of the 2023/2024 school year. For example, the students learned who their teachers would be, and some of the changes to the schedule.

Unit 1 of the new year for grade 6, will focus on the human body, and the human body systems and how these systems affect us in terms of emotional maturity and growth, psychologically, physically and maybe even spiritually.

A good place for us to begin was to look into the evolution of humans from our common ancestors 40 million years ago, to the modern man that evolved as early as 35 000 years ago. The students were also challenged to write a timeline of the evolution of humans.

Thank you for returning, and have a good week ahead!