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The heart of grade 6

Greetings folks! I hope that everyone is doing alright, and rested after the first class observations as well as the first ISN Spring Festival.

We start off from the events of Saturday. It was really good to see everyone come in for class observations. It was great participation from the parents as they also engaged in the class discussions and activities. One of the activities was for the parents to measure the heartbeats per minute of their individual children, for one minute. The students were then asked to jog for 5 minutes around the school yard, then the parents had to immediately measure the student’s heartbeats for another one minute. This was done to compare the difference in their heartbeat per minute after physical activity.

This was pretty good to involve the parents in a fun and physical activity, outside. After the class observations we had such a great first Spring Festival, which I personally enjoyed a lot. The activities were great, and just having that huge a group of people come was amazing. Congratulations to everyone and a special shoutout to the winner of the Juicer! Happy young man for sure!

Thank you very much for your support, we look forward to seeing you again! Take care and have a nice weekend!