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Grade 5: Observation and Persuasion

Hello everyone!
I hope you had a blast at the spring festival! It was very nice to see and chat with everyone!

This week grade 5 students have been looking at how the Killifish have been changing, or not. The students learnt how to write an observation of a fish and have been collecting this data to think about the different things that may affect the life cycle of the Killifish. Some interesting observations student had were that the fish were moving slowly when it was cold and rainy, but looked like they have more energy and moving at a faster pace when warmer and sunnt. Another observation was that the Killifish eggs that were laid on the leaves were gone probably due to the fish being hungry during the weekend. The Killifish seem to be growing and having more eggs in their bodies that are ready to be laid.

Another exciting thing the students have been working on was the presentation about their 2 day trip to pursuade Ms. Rie to give the ok on their first choice. We learnt about how to structure a presentation and also how to make it persuasive. Students have been researching things from transportation, hotels, activities, food, etc all while thinking about keeping it within the budget. They have planned their days and are going to give the presentation to Ms. Rie tomorrow! They are quite nervous but also excited to share their ideas with her!

This week for Literacy, we are working on past tense verbs and some irregular verbs as well. Through the writing activities students are learning to be mindful about the verb tenses they use. For Prodigy, it is nice to see students practicing both their English and Mathematics skills at home! Keep it up!