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Why is school important?

Hello, dear parents.

Today’s blog is about the importance of school (LOI 3). In layman’s term, school is a place where pupils can learn, socialize, and escape from difficult situations. For more details, we read some books like, “Busy at school, How do you get to school?, and Zots goes to school”.

The things that we learned are the following:

1. We need to do some class jobs to make things work well inside the classroom (passer leader, paper collector leader, energy saver leader, and more).

2. There are different ways to get to school just to learn despite of challenges in life (like riding the boats, train, bicycle and even donkey).

3. How to behave well inside the classroom (do not sleep, don’t waste the coloring paint, say excuse me whenever you feel burping, participate in any classroom activities actively, don’t be so loud and listen to the teachers carefully.

As Grade-2 pupils, we strive to obey the school policies, agreements, and rules and regulations. We also help our school in achieving their goals by making posters of school’s essential agreements and learning how to make short scripts and video blog(vlog) for promoting our school. We are doing this together with our new partner.