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Grade 5 – How do we grow inside our mothers womb?

Hello everyone!
This week grade 5 have been researching about the development of babies inside the mothers womb. Students have chosen how they will present their research on their own such as making a book, poster, website, game, powerpoints, etc. It is very interesting to see what students create using the knowledge that they attained through various sources. Next week, the students will be sharing their final product with the class.

Once every week we have library time where students borrow books for the week and have a quiet reading time. The purpose of this is to allow students to be motivated readers by choosing something they want to read. I am observing more students very focused during quite reading time as the weeks go by.

For Mathematics, students have been learning how to multiply decimal numbers. Students also reviewed the English name of each place value to help them understand decimal numbers in both languagues!

An exciting thing that has happened this week is that the Killifish eggs have HATCHED! Now we have around 10 baby Killifish swimming around and we are probably waiting for more to come. It is amazing for students to be able to observe this life cycle in person.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week and see you next week!