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Grade 5 – Rice planting and presentations

Hello everyone!
This week grade 5 students have been focusing on doing their presentations about the human life cycle, more specifically the growth of a baby inside the mothers womb. They are sharing their creations and knolwedge with their classmates. One thing we have been working on as a whole class is how to give feedback to each other. When giving feedback, our aim is to give be detailed whether it is a positive one or a comment on something they can improve. For example, instead of saying “I thought it was good,” we can say something like “I thought that your use of visuals were good because it helped me understand what you were saying better.”

For English, we have been focusing on using past, present and future tense verbs/sentence structures correctly. The students did an activity where they would create a sentence that uses a specific type of tense and passed it around the class so another person would change and write the sentence in a different tense format. It was a bit like musical chairs, but instead musical sentences!

For Mathematics, students are using their knowledge on how to multiply decimals and applying that to solve different calculations or word problems. This week, students learnt how to find and calculate an area of something. Students picked 3 things in the classroom they wanted to investigate and came back to share their findings.

Last but not least, we all went rice planting this week! It was such an enjoyable experience being able to plant our own rice that we will harvest and eventually eat ourselves in the future. I think that it is very easy to forget that a lot of time and effort is put into producing the food that we eat everyday. By experiencing the process ourselves, it helps us appriciate what we eat even more. This directly relates to our next unit, so it was a great introduction to it.

This Friday, we have our field trip to going to the midwifery clinic to see a new born baby! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and we can’t wait to tell you about our experience there!