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Rice Days!

Greetings to you all, I hope that as you read this you are doing well and have had a nice week. This week, the students learned a few things such as the respiratory system, nutrients but the highlight of the week was probably the rice planting we did.

This week, we had to close of Line of Inquiry 2 by learning about the respiratory system, and the importance of the respiratory system to our bodies. The students learned about the parts of the respiratory system. Did you know that when humans exhale, they lose water. When at rest, humans exhale up to 17.5 milliliters (0.59 fluid ounces) of water per hour. Its important to stay hydrated!

This week was quite an exciting week as we got to rice plant. The students of ISN got down into a muddy, squishy, insect filled rice field and planted. The teachers got involved and as well and it was great to see some of the parents come and have a good time with the students as well. It was quite good to build an energy of good team work and comradery between the teachers, parents and students.

The grade 6 students will be working on a presentation at the end of the week to talk about the importance of taking care of our bodies and this will be a nice way to close off the first unit of the year.

Thank you very much for your continued support, we will see you next and I hope you have a good weekend and week ahead!